May 27, 2022

2022-06-08 | 16:37:38

"I had a fuel problem in my f350. I was stranded with 4 kids, wife and dog on the side of 75. I called and spoke with I believe Mike and he Logan out to tow me within 45 min of calling. I got towed to their shop and even though they were booked, they got me fit in and on the road within 4 hours of the break down. Logan and Mike both worked on truck and quickly had it diagnosed without using code reader. If I lives close this would hands down be my shop. I hope Logan gets to see this review, so he will know what he did worked and got us home. The stress I had being on the side of interstate with 4 kids, wife and dog was lifted thanks to Logan."
May 11, 2022

2022-06-08 | 16:37:31

"Always dependable and prices are good"
May 8, 2022

2022-06-08 | 16:37:24

May 4, 2022

2022-06-08 | 16:37:18

April 24, 2022

2022-06-08 | 16:37:12

November 15, 2021

2021-11-18 | 17:24:40

"A little pricey but pleasant experience overall."